Ali Asghar Sharifi was born in Tabriz in 1981. Mr. Sharifi received his diploma in arts in Tabriz when he was 18 and since he was greatly interested in arts he chose this field as his profession. In his 25, he started his cooperation with Tehran and Mashhad galleries. Subsequently, he met Mrs. Maryam Afra (a specialist in gallery industry in Turkey – oils) and in 2008 he held his first exhibition in Turkey, Van. His next cooperation with Mrs. Afra was an exhibition at Ankara Museum in 2010.

Some of exhibitions and received diplomas;

  • Member of Visual Arts Association
  • Holding a number of individual exhibitions
  • Holding exhibition in Turkey-Van in 2008
  • Holding exhibition at Ankara-Museum Turkey in 2010
  • Holding exhibition at Roodaki Gallery Tabriz, 2013
  • Holding exhibition in Culture House in 2016
  • Taking part in more than 100 group exhibitions inside and outside the country
  • Teaching private art classes since 2002
  • Taking part in numerous national expos
  • Cooperation with Indian-Turkish galleries since 2005
  • Cooperation with Son Gallery in Turkey
  • Cooperation with Pago Gallery in Turkey
  • Cooperation with Maryam Afra Gallery in Turkey
  • Cooperation with Palt Industry in Turkey